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[las_users] How to modify hostname in las

Hi las users hope all of you enjoyed christmas

I have already configured LAS8 which is working fine with hostname


now I made entry in /etc/hosts like this

# cat /etc/hosts hostname_old.org localhost
::1        localhost6.localdomain6 localhost6
172.xx.xx.1 new_server.org hostname

case1 :
http://hostname_old.org/las -------> working fine plot were able visible not blank

case2 :
when I tried on my browser like this
I could able to see header,footer and map widget options, datasets everything except picture, picture is just blank/white

there after I changed hostname in following files, with newhostname


then restarted tomcat, tomcat could not load las.war

since everything is set, I don't want to disturb LAS by again executing ./configure in /las directory, for changing hostname

So here is my question how to change hostname in already configured LAS ??? please guide me, in future I may have need to change hostname as well as port also.

Thanks in advance,

Dona Clara

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