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[las_users] Re: Las Configuration

But my problem is about proxy setting for  google map, thredds and creating virtual host, I have created tar carefully, I am confident about it, where is proxy setting for google map ? How one host can serve 2 url request ?

If I type las.domain.org on browser it should connect to hostname xyz.domain.org and should server UI.xml thats las and if I type xyz.domain.org then some other server page it should forward.

 Thanks in advance.


On Monday, December 9, 2013 9:30 PM, Roland Schweitzer - NOAA Affiliate <roland.schweitzer@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Here's the procedure I recommend for moving or upgrading an LAS installation.
  1. Move your $TOMCAT_HOME/content/las directory some place safe.
  2. Begin with the LAS distribution tar file and follow the installation instructions paying careful attention to how you answer the questions about the host name and the use of the proxy.
  3. Verify the installation and the proxy work as you want them to using the default data sets.
  4. Copy your data set configuration files into the new $TOMCAT_HOME/content/las/conf/server directory and edit the las.xml file to replace the default data sets with your data sets.
As long as you keep a copy of your $TOMCAT_HOME/contents/las directory safe you can get your new LAS configured.


On Sun, Dec 8, 2013 at 9:00 AM, Don DNA <don_vbe@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Thank you developers for contributing wonderful web application.

I am having following problem kindly help to solve it.

1. We have proxy server address is 192.x.y.z,and port is 8900, because of proxy on left side page google map(lat and long selection) is not coming and in Ferret I can't connect to OpenDap url when I am using LAN connection with proxy,even though my /etc/apt/apt.conf is configured for proxy like this for http,ftp,https,sock

Acquire::http:proxy "http://user:pass@192.x.y.z:8900

but if I use external dongle I can see google map as well as I can connect to OpenDap url in ferret. Please guide me what settings I need to do.

2. I had configured LAS with hostname abc.domain.org last time, but now I want to move LAS from hostname abc.domain.org to xyz.domain.org, for this I have created tar of tomcat contents,webapps,etc successfully.

Here I don't want to run again ./configure script in /las directory,and even I don't want to change xyz.domain.org to abc.domain.org, I searched in google about virtual host I really didn't succeed. Whether it is possible to retain abc.domain.com after transferring to new server xyz.domain.org

tomcat is using port 80 on abc.domain.org
apache2 is using port 8080 on abc.domain.org

port will be same for new server xyz.domain.org, but I want to serve page request of both abc.domain.org server that is LAS and xyz.domain.org is some other server in single host (xyz.domain.org).

Please developers guide me, I have come with lots of hope to this userlist.

Thank you.


Dona Clara.

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