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[las_users] las.xml and dataset order

Hi everyone,

Does the order/arrangement of the datsets in the las.xml file affect the way the data is being served out by a server?

Our LAS has been acting very weird of late, where in, it tries to pull the spatial/temporal extent from a previously selected dataset.

I am throwing out various scenarios that we've tested :

Case 1:
User selects dataset 1, which has a temporal extent from 1980 - 2010 and is centered around Europe
Then, when the user selects dataset 2, which has a temporal extent of 2011-2013 (and selects update plot), the server gives an error to the effect "Axis extremes are 1980 - 2010"

Case 2:
User selects SST data centered around Australia with a temporal extent of 2005 - 2008.
The user then selects a different Global coverage Coral Reef dataset which is a temporal subset of the SST dataset ( meaning the Coral Reef dataset has axis extremes b/w 2005 and 2008)
Even after updating the plot, the LAS displays the Coral Reef info, centered around the Australian region.

We're not sure what is causing this. The logs are not really helpful. But I must say that playing around with the order in which the datasets are listed in the las.xml file has been solving our problem, though not completely. 

Anyone else that has encountered this? 

LAS 7.3 (FERRET 6.72 NC4.2)


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