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Re: [las_users] return code 500 from /las/rpc


I've gone further studying the problem simplifying it as much as possible and now I don't have any more the 500 return code (to be honest I don't know 
why) but I still have a problem.

http://utmea.enea.it:8080/las_waves now has only three datasets: coads_climatology, WAVE01 and En. En is a subset of WAVE01 containing only the energy 
variable and I placed it also in my anonymous FTP area ftp://utmea.enea.it/emanuele.lombardi just in case you need it.
Coads_climatology is the default dataset and it is properly displayed when opening /las_waves. 

Choosing any variable of WAVE01 or EN the plot is changed but the annotations are not.
and Javascript returns errors while no system logs nor tomcat logs nor /las_waves logs report anything wrong.

Unfortunately I'm unable to understand javascript errors. I list them after my .signature togheter with 
the nectfd -h of my En dataset and its .xml

Apache Tomcat is 7.0.35
JVM is 1.6.0_25-b06 Sun Microsystems Inc.
LAS is 8.0
All xml given to las.xml are produced by addXML.sh
You can access the application at http://utmea.enea.it:8080/las_waves

Dear Roland,
thanks for your help,


Emanuele Lombardi
ENEA Casaccia
I-00123 Roma (RM)
tel. +39 0630483366

================================== OPERA 12.16
Opera returns the following error:

[03/12/2013 09:48:08] JavaScript - http://utmea.enea.it:8080/las_waves/UI.vm
Event thread: readystatechange
Uncaught exception: Error
Error thrown at line 1717, column 211 in <anonymous function>() in 

Line 1717 is the following:
function yi(d){var e;M3b[e=++N3b]=yi;N3b=e-1;return function(){var b,c;M3b[b=++N3b]=null;try{c=zi((O3b[b]=Rcc+q5b,d),this,arguments);N3b=b-1;return 
c}catch(a){throw O3b[b]=Rcc+y7b,a}N3b=b-1}}

================================== CHROME 31.0.1650.57 m
Chrome returns a sligthly different error:
Uncaught java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException 85A2140FEA66EBD6CA65A76C782A889E.cache.html:1724

Line 1717 is the following:
function Ki(d){var e;n4b[e=++o4b]=Ki;o4b=e-1;return function(){var b,c;n4b[b=++o4b]=null;try{c=Li((p4b[b]=tdc+T5b,d),this,arguments);o4b=b-1;return 
c}catch(a){throw p4b[b]=tdc+g8b,a}o4b=b-1}}

================================== FIREFOX 25.0.1 
Firefox returns a more cryptic error:
[10:09:45.745] uncaught exception: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException

================================== SAFARI 5..7
Safari returns
java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException 85A2140FEA66EBD6CA65A76C782A889E.cache.html:1639

Line 1639 is the following:
function Z_(a,b){var c;n4b[c=++o4b]=Z_;if((p4b[c]=fzc+gzc,b)<0||b>=(p4b[c]=Agc+u6b,(p4b[c]=Jac+tbc,(p4b[c]=W9b+cac,a.Vb).options).length)){throw new 

=========================================== ncdump -h of En.nc
netcdf En {
        lon = 1333 ;
        lat = 501 ;
        time = UNLIMITED ; // (120 currently)
        float lon(lon) ;
                lon:long_name = "longitude" ;
                lon:units = "degrees_east" ;
                lon:standard_name = "longitude" ;
                lon:axis = "X" ;
        float lat(lat) ;
                lat:long_name = "latitude" ;
                lat:units = "degrees_north" ;
                lat:standard_name = "latitude" ;
                lat:axis = "Y" ;
        double time(time) ;
                time:units = "seconds since 2013-12-02 01:00:00" ;
                time:calendar = "standard" ;
        float En(time, lat, lon) ;
                En:long_name = "Energy flux" ;
                En:standard_name = "En" ;
                En:units = "W/m" ;
                En:_FillValue = -999.f ;
x                En:valid_min = 0.f ;
                En:valid_max = 50.f ;

// global attributes:
                :CDI = "Climate Data Interface version 1.5.0 (http://code.zmaw.de/projects/cdi)" ;
                :Conventions = "CF-1.0" ;
                :history = "Mon Dec 02 14:40:11 2013: cdo selname,En WAVE01.nc En.cdo" ;
                :CDO = "Climate Data Operators version 1.5.0 (http://code.zmaw.de/projects/cdo)" ;

=========================================== En.xml
  <id-c7c4812806 name="En.nc" url="En.nc">
      <En-id-c7c4812806 name="Energy flux" units="W/m" url="#En">
        <link match="/lasdata/grids/grid-lon-lat-time-id-c7c4812806" />
    <link match="/lasdata/axes/lon-x-id-c7c4812806" />
    <link match="/lasdata/axes/lat-y-id-c7c4812806" />
    <link match="/lasdata/axes/time-t-id-c7c4812806" />
  <lon-x-id-c7c4812806 type="x" units="degrees_east">
    <arange start="-5.5" size="1333" step="0.0312" />
  <lat-y-id-c7c4812806 type="y" units="degrees_north">
    <arange start="30.2" size="501" step="0.0312" />
  <time-t-id-c7c4812806 type="t" units="hour">
    <arange start="2013-12-02 01:00:00" size="120" step="1" />

=========================================== las.xml 
<?xml version='1.0' ?>
<!DOCTYPE spec SYSTEM "spec.dtd" [
<!-- Declaration of operations files to be included -->
<!ENTITY operations SYSTEM "operations.xml">
<!ENTITY coads SYSTEM "coads.xml">
 <institution name="Pacific Marine Environmental Lab"
 <!-- Default properties for this server -->
<!-- coads -->
 <!-- Operations supported by this server -->
 <operations url="http://utmea.enea.it:8080/las_waves/ProductServer.do";>


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