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[las_users] Listing season names in Climatology data

Hi Folks,

I am trying to serve out a seasonal climatological data using LAS. The dataset configuration file currently points to an ncml which contains the 4 files corresponding to 4 seasons.

My axis definition for time looks like this:
  <time-t-id-GSC-SaSe10thdeg type="t" modulo="true" units="month">
    <arange start="0000-01-01" size="4" step="3" />

So, the LAS UI, now displays all the months in the Climatology drop-down menu (the plot changes every 3 months)
Is there any method where in I can list the season names (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) in the Climatology drop down, instead of the months?

I'm running LAS 7.3, Ferret 6.72


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