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[las_users] LAS V8 apply-variable in categories.xml file

Is it just me or is the "apply-variable" option in the categories.xml file no longer valid in LAS 8?
Since I have five LAS 8 servers, I am only on the 3rd one making changes from "apply-variable" to "apply-dataset".  
Please consider reinstating the apply-varialbe option.

Also, I am finding that I have to remove older syntax from XML files in order for the datasets to be displayed in LAS 8.  For example, this was changed from:
<time-t-id-4d7187485c type="t" units="month" default="first" display_lo="2000-Mar-15" display_hi="2005-Feb-15">  (works for LAS 7.3)
to   <time-t-id-4d7187485c type="t" units="month"> before I could get a plot. I did not see any errors in the logs but found this solution by trial and error.

Penny Oots
MyNASAData, LARC, Hampton, VA

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