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Re: [las_users] no images from las v8


This is most likely an issue with some of the information in the las.xml file.

First of all, if you answer yes the proxy question, then you much access the LAS via the proxy URL (without the port number) or the image URL will not be correct.

In the las.xml file there is a pointer to the product server:

 <operations url="" href="http://dunkel.pmel.noaa.gov:8920/baker/ProductServer.do">http://dunkel.pmel.noaa.gov:8920/baker/ProductServer.do">

Make sure this points to where you think it should point.

And then look at the output directory in the same file:


and make sure that directory matches the deployed location for the product server configured in the operations element.

Are these public servers?  If so I can take a look from here.


On Tue, Mar 19, 2013 at 1:46 PM, Martin Schmidt <martin.schmidt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear Roland,

I am trying to build a new las using version 8. I went through the installation procedure (tomcat, TDS, F-TDS, ferret ...).
F-TDS is working, I can extract data via the thredds/Data_From_Las web interface from a local browser (same machine)
This works fine for all example data sets. I can access the example data via ferret.

LAS is also installed, except "revision" I get

The test is missing. Strange is, that the scripts stopserver.sh and startserver.sh have a wrong JAVA_HOME. After correcting this, I can start and
stop tomcat.

With a local browser (firefox) I can access las.

las/ProductServer.do shows working backends - except the obis, tabledap and iobis part. Here I get an AXIS-error.

The interface shows up, I can select example data sets, regions, time series ...
With "coads_climatology" I get the correct annotation, but the image area remains blank. I can see the data and can download
netcdf data subsets. In the output directory I find also a correct gif-image. However, this is not shown by las.

Chosing another example data set xx_debug.txt and xx_rss.rss show up in output, but nothing else. The web interface
shows the "rotating circle" forever.
The first line in debug.txt is
**ERROR The x region is too small. It reduces to a single point.
Trying to cancel the plot does not work and the web browser needs to be refreshed.

I have searched the log files for error messages, but cannot find a hint.

Several errors seem to be mixed, the most serious one for the moment is the missing image output.

Some more details on the installation:

I am using OPENSuse 12.3. This new distribution includes a recent version of java, ant, tomcat7. So far installation is simple.
A shortcoming is, that the tomcat installation is scatterd through the system. Files are collected by symbolic links in
/usr/share/tomcat. This conflicts with some webapps/thredds/../../content notation in the scripts for the thredds deployment.
Generating the content subdirectory besides /srv/tomcat/webapps (/srv/tomcat/content) and linking by hand to
/usr/share/tomcat resolves this issue, hopefully.

Installing tomcat with yast2 implies, the server belongs to a user tomcat. This is fine for the moment, but this is not a login user.
So I install LAS as root. The tomcat server is started by root, but belongs to user tomcat. However, the webapps/las directory
and all las-dependent files belong to root. I changed this after las installation to tomcat.tomcat, however, the newly generated files are owned
by root again. Switching to user "tomcat" and rebooting the server, changes this - now I get output files owned by tomcat.

For me it is not clear, who should or must own the thredds and the las files.

However all these actions do not resolve the issues:
- no data output from las for all example data sets except coads_climatology. F-TDS works through the web interface and through ferret (use "http ....")
- no image output for data set coads_climatolgy, but the image file is generated in the output directory.

I do not have an idea how to locate the error source. Any help is welcome.


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