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[las_users] LAS version 7.3 CSV error with init file

An error was reported by a user unable to use the 'Save As' option to create a CSV file.  However, the ASC, and NETCDF options of Save As work (arcGrid option was terminated after 120 seconds):
**ERROR: variable unknown or not in data set: (data set ok ?): carbon_dioxide_in_free_troposphere
set var/name=carbon_dioxide_in_free_troposphere1e6 carbon_dioxide_in_free_troposphere
The problem seems to be that the dataset has an init file that renames the variable as follows:

 SET DATA ($data_url)
 set var/name=carbon_dioxide_in_free_troposphere1e6 carbon_dioxide_in_free_troposphere
 let/title="Monthly Carbon Dioxide in Troposphere (AIRS)"/units="ppmv" carbon_dioxide_in_free_troposphere = carbon_dioxide_in_free_troposphere1e6*1000000.0
 DEFINE SYMBOL data_var = carbon_dioxide_in_free_troposphere

The init file works for plots, line charts, and other options but not CSV. (website mynasadata.larc.nasa.gov, dataset: Atmosphere, Air Quality, Monthly Carbon Dioxide in Troposphere)

I have not downloaded LAS 8.0 yet but wondered if this was corrected in LAS 8?


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