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[las_users] Re: bug in category.xml error las 8


The warnings you are seeing are "harmless".  What exactly is the problem with the categories file?  Are you including these category stubs in your las.xml file between a set of <las_categories></las_categories> tags?  Do you have the data sets which these categories reference include in your las.xml file?


On Wed, Feb 27, 2013 at 7:14 AM, Akshay Hegde <akshay.k.hegde@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi ! here is error with category.xml in las 8.. following was working
fine with las 8 beta version and  datasets were listing in UI as per
the order of entry in category.xml

please help me to solve this problem

this is log detail

LAS 2013-02-26T09:01:01.411 +0530 WARN  - ModuleConfigImpl -
Overriding ActionConfig of path /resolveURL
LAS 2013-02-26T09:01:07.363 +0530 WARN  - ServletToolboxManager -
Unknown scope 'null' - parser will be request scoped.
LAS 2013-02-26T14:43:59.614 +0530 WARN  - ModuleConfigImpl -
Overriding ActionConfig of path /resolveURL
LAS 2013-02-26T14:44:01.490 +0530 WARN  - ServletToolboxManager -
Unknown scope 'null' - parser will be request scoped.
LAS 2013-02-26T14:46:49.320 +0530 WARN  - ModuleConfigImpl -
Overriding ActionConfig of path /resolveURL
LAS 2013-02-26T14:46:51.156 +0530 WARN  - ServletToolboxManager -
Unknown scope 'null' - parser will be request scoped.

<!---NOT WORKING in LAS 8 it was working in LAS 8 beta

<category name="Global Ocean (Merged within 20°S-30°S and 115°E-120°E)">
        <category name="Annual">
        <filter action="" contains-tag="NIOA_annual_temp"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="NIOA_annual_salt"/>
        <category name="Seasonal">
        <filter action="" contains-tag="NIOA_seasonal_temp"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="NIOA_seasonal_salt"/>
        <category name="Monthly">
        <filter action="" contains-tag="NIOA_monthly_temp"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="NIOA_monthly_salt"/>

<category name="NASA Aqua satellite">
        <filter action="" contains-tag="nasa_aqua1"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="nasa_aqua2"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="nasa_aqua3"/>
<category name="TOPEX/Poseidon, Envisat, Jason-1, and OSTM/Jason-2">
        <filter action="" contains-tag="aviso_1"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="aviso_2"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="aviso_3"/>

<category name="QUICKSCAT">
        <category name="Surface Wind">
            <filter action="" equals="Near-Surface Wind Speed"/>
            <filter action="" equals="Near-Surface Wind Speed
Number of Observations"/>
            <filter action="" equals="Near-Surface Wind Speed
Standard Error"/>

        <category name="Surface Wind - Eastward">
            <filter action="" equals="Eastward
Near-Surface Wind"/>
            <filter action="" equals="Eastward Near-Surface
Wind Number of Observations"/>
            <filter action="" equals="Eastward Near-Surface
Wind Standard Error"/>

        <category name="Surface Wind - Northward">
            <filter action="" equals="Northward
Near-Surface Wind"/>
            <filter action="" equals="Northward Near-Surface
Wind Number of Observations"/>
            <filter action="" equals="Northward Near-Surface
Wind Standard Error"/>

<category name="ICOADS Surface Observations (1 Degree)">
        <filter action="" contains-tag="icoads_live_1"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="icoads_live_2"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="icoads_live_3"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="icoads_live_4"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="icoads_live_5"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="icoads_live_6"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="icoads_live_7"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="icoads_live_8"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="icoads_live_9"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="icoads_live_10"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="icoads_live_11"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="icoads_live_12"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="icoads_live_13"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="icoads_live_14"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="icoads_live_15"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="icoads_live_16"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="icoads_live_17"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="icoads_live_18"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="icoads_live_19"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="icoads_live_20"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="icoads_live_21"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="icoads_live_22"/>

<category name="TropFlux 30°N-30°S - 1 Degree ">

        <filter action="" contains-tag="Tropflux_1"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="Tropflux_2"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="Tropflux_3"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="Tropflux_4"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="Tropflux_5"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="Tropflux_6"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="Tropflux_7"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="Tropflux_8"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="Tropflux_9"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="Tropflux_10"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="Tropflux_11"/>
        <filter action="" contains-tag="Tropflux_12"/>




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