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[las_users] Apply Analysis Feature in LAS

Hello LAS Users,


Is anyone having problems with the Apply Analysis feature in the LAS v7.3?


For example when trying to do an average/time analysis plot on http://mynasadata.larc.nasa.gov/las/getUI.do?dsid=cryosphere&varid=si_cover&auto=true the error that I receive is:

“ A component needed for your request is down or was not installed.

If you are the site adminstrator, verify that your F-TDS installation is working correctly, then restart your servlet container (Tomcat) or reinit your server from the admin page.”

LAS log output:

LAS 2012-01-10T09:32:30.156 -0500 ERROR - ProductServerAction - IO error testing FTDS URL = "" opendap.dap.DAP2Exception: Method failed:HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error

We are running LAS 7.3 on a x64 RH 6 A/T 7.0.22, TDS 4.2.5, Ferret 6.71 stack on production and have TDS 4.2.9 and Ferret 6.72 on a dev server but get the same results/error. 

Thanks ahead for any advice on this issue.






Daniel Oostra (SSAI)

Programmer/Web Developer

NASA/LaRC Atmospheric Sciences Data Center

2 South Wright Street

Hampton, VA 23681-2199

Ph: 757.864.6157




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