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Re: [las_users] CDO operator


On 02/03/2011 01:46 AM, Sarang Gandhi HCL wrote:
  Hello All,

   After long time i am joining this forum once again .
  Last time as Roland and his team mate suggested me what type of Java Development can Possible to enhance the LAS.

  Here are the Few Suggestions.
1. GIS Integration with LAs (Will take time and brain Storming discussion)
We've had some conversations about this in our group. FYI, there is an implementation of a WMS buried in the LAS code, but a lot of work in that area has gone forward in the ncWMS code that is now wrapped in the TDS. Working with the ncWMS/TDS folks might be a good place to make progress with GIS/OCS related improvements, but we are certainly interested in ideas in this area related to LAS.

2. Localization and Internationalization of LAS
This would be great. We have almost no provisions for internationalization so you'd be starting at the beginning.
3. OpenLayer modification

There is an undocumented hook in the code to set the map server for the base map. We'll have it documented with an example in the next release.
Apart from this many small enhancement we can make .

Like i am currently working how LAS can help to use CDO(Climate Data Operator ) in ferret background mode.
Has anyone worked on inserting CDO in LAS.
This is a very interesting addition. We have built a backend service for NCO in the past and we would be very interested in a service for CDO and NCO. These operators duplicate many of the capabilities handled by Ferret, but there may be some interesting things that could be done with these services.

Please keep us informed on your progress.


Thanks and Regards
Sarang Gandhi

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