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Re: [las_users] - Poles...

Hi Vega,
I can help with the Ferret end of your question.  What does your grid look like?  If the data is on a curvilinear grid that's already designed to work with the data in your region, then we have LAS scripts to work with that already, although the selectors on the LAS interface aren't really set up to choose a region spanning a pole. 

If your data is on rectilinear grid, then a custom LAS product would be needed to plot data using a map projection - For instance the Orthographic projection is nice for viewing polar data. This FAQ shows some examples:

How do I create map projections with Ferret?

So far as I know this kind of thing hasn't been implemented in an LAS, but I may be wrong.


Vega Forneris wrote:
Dear all,

first of all Happy New Year ;-)

I'm trying to use LAS for displaying data on the Antartica region...while LAS (and Ferret) can plot succesfully the data, the visualization in this case is not "appropriate" as it is stretched and is not a good looking ;-) ....

I wonder if
1) is possible (and How) to modify the little map on the top-left corner and center it on the south pole
2) is it possible (and How) to tell ferret/LAS/??? to plot the data over this circular region?

Many Thanks in advance
Vega Forneris

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