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Re: [las_users] LAS configuration question:OPeNDAP (F-TDS) link


Bernhard Giner wrote:

I just don't know where the link "OPeNDAP (F-TDS)" is configured? (first line of the page/servlets/dataset). In my case something is wrong and i wanted to
change it manually but I couldn't find the place.
That link is in LAS_HOME/WebContent/luis/velocity/VM_global_library.vm. If you change that file you need to copy it from that directory to TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/las and restart your server. This global Velocity macro library is read once at start time and the only way to refresh it is to restart the server.

And btw. where are the OpeNDAP-URLs configured in LAS? in my case they are
wrong (the ones if you click on the "i"-Button of datasets)
We have fixed this problem and the fix will be part of Armstrong 1.1 which will be released very very soon.


Bernhard Giner

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