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Re: [Fwd: [las_users] where to put Ferret init scripts]


Below is a summary from Jing on how to use init_scripts in LAS
Armstrong.  We'll be getting some more details into the new
documentation site very soon.



For LAS Armstrong 1.1,  in order for your Ferret init scripts to work,
you have do two things.

First, in theory, you can put the Ferret init scripts any where; if I
were you, I would put it inside {LAS_HOME}/conf/server/custom/scripts.
Then, the most important thing it to add this path to FER_GO in
FerretBackendConfig.xml at {LAS_HOME}/JavaSource/resources/ferret, so
Ferret can find it.
You also need to make the same change in FerretConfig.xml at
This will make F-TDS happy.

Second, unfortunately, because of the changes to how LAS Ferret scripts
initialize dataset and variable,  you have to modify your Ferret init
The custom init scripts now consist of only SET DATA and the custom
commands. This lets F-TDS run first and call the init script to create
the data set
that will be used by the Ferret product script. A few sample Ferret init
scripts are attached for you as reference.



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