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[las_users] problems of LAS in-situ demo

    I have installed LAS7/Armstrong and the demo data attached.The LAS in-situ demo could not work properly.I could select the variable of the dataset ,define the constraint,but failed at the last step.
    The fllowing error messages are copied from the catalina.out:

2007-11-07 06:31:43,489 INFO  service.database.DatabaseBackendService - Database backend request failed: Could not create SQL command file:
2007-11-07 06:31:43,493 DEBUG product.server.ProductServerRunner - Found error response.  Breaking out.
2007-11-07 06:31:43,495 DEBUG product.server.ProductServerRunner - ProductServerRunner finished.
2007-11-07 06:31:43,495 ERROR product.server.ProductServerAction - Could not create SQL command file:
2007-11-07 06:31:43,495 ERROR product.server.ProductServerAction - org.apache.velocity.exception.MethodInvocationException: Invocation of method 'getRegionAsConstraint' in  class gov.noaa.pmel.tmap.las.jdom.LASBackendRequest threw exception class org.joda.time.IllegalFieldValueException : Cannot parse "01-Jan-1977": Value "Jan" for monthOfYear is not supported

    I thought the time format was wrong.So I looked into the table--'Indian' of database--'LAS_insitu_demo'.Type of time field is int(11) .

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


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