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[las_users] LAS 6.5 ArcView gridded corner question

A teacher using our LAS 6.5 (http://mynasadata.larc.nasa.gov/)server to produce ArcView gridded output files to be used with GIS software, sent me this comment:


I am fairly convinced that the LAS is doing the ArcView gridded output slightly wrong:  it uses the labels "xllcorner" and "yllcorner" which should be the X and Y coordinates of the Lower Left >corner<; but the LAS then gives the values for the X and Y coordinates of the >center< of the lower left pixel, rather than the corner.  They need to change the values to the >corner< values (probably -180 and -90) or make the labels "xllcenter" and "yllcenter" (and then they can use the center values to match).




Penny Oots


P. S. I wasn’t able to find the LAS developers email address so I am sending this to the users list.

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