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[las_users] Examples of Javascript Components v2.x


Is anyone out there developing custom interfaces to Armstrong using the new 
Javascript components? If so, I'd appreciate having some links to examples I 
could look at. 

I'm trying to build some simple interfaces for a middle school education 
project. Looking at the Armstrong documentation, I'm a little confused about 
whether I have the most up-to-date version of the Javascript components, and 
what methods I should be using. I'm running Armstrong 0.4, and I'm looking at 
the files distributed in armstrong-beta-0.4/WebContent/js.

Before tackling my own interface, I decided to try to get the "Molokai"  
example working on my server. I copied the files and updated the HTML with 
the address of my server. That didn't work, but looking at the output I'm not 
sure why. Do the old Javascript methods (based on LASRequestDOM.js) work with 


I briefly looked at the comment in the code which advised me to look at the 
naming of products in ui.xml. I'm assuming that is not the problem because 
LAS installation is "stock" and I have not modified the UI configuration.

Thinking maybe I'd be better off with the newer Javascript components, I 
started to see if I could modify the Molokai example following the v2 
documentation here: 
Basically I replaced the LASRequestDOM.js script with the LASRequest.js script 
that came with the Armstrong 0.4 package. I also changed toString() methods 
to getXMLText() per the documentation. Still no luck.


As a test, I generated one of the "Molokai" sample products using the standard 
LAS interface. That worked, so I know that all the data and formats are 
there. What I'm confused about is which Javascript components will help me 
construct XML like that in this working URL.


Thanks in advance for any guidance.


Todd Viola
office: +1 361-749-2472

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