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Re: [las_users] Limit on number of XML includes?

Hi Glenn,

Glenn Hyland wrote:

I'm trying to configure LAS (v6.5.2.1) to serve up some climate model
results. I've got a large number of netcdf files (~18,000), so I'm
defining a whole bunch of data sets using XML includes. I currently have
286 data sets all listed in las.xml, but when I run genLas.pl it only
ingests the first 246 files; and does so without giving any error or
warning messages. I've obviously hit some limit, but I'm not sure what

Any help on how to find out what the problem is would be greatly

There is no limit from the point of view of our software, but many users have encountered limits with the number of open files the operating system allows, the amount of memory available to the process and other such issues. The advice to keep each data set configuration in its own XML stub is sound because it makes it easier to edit each individual bit of configuration, but it does lead to some problems as the number of files grows large. One approach you might try is to create a few scripts that will pre-process your XML to combine some of the definitions into larger files and use those in the las.xml.


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