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[las_users] Problem with difference plots of defined variables

Hi all,

We try to make a difference plot of 2 defined variables (average over time). 
In this case the grid is also recalculated from levels (1-90) to pressure  
(="grid_change"). But there is also an error if we don't process the grid 
If you need anything else from me just ask.
and here is what we get:

-- begin output
LAS Error
The following error message was received from LAS:

Adding an acceptable error string: "*** NOTE: ".
 	FERRET v5.81  
 	Linux(g77) 2.4.18 - 07/14/05
 	10-Jan-07 12:33     

yes? cancel mode verify
yes? cancel mode interp
yes? define symbol hz_var = CO
yes? define symbol mark_grid = default
yes? define symbol image_format = default
yes? define symbol init_script = grid_change
yes? canc data/all
yes? let analtmp0_ = CO_press[d=1]
yes? let anal0_ = analtmp0_[t="01-Jan-2005 00:00:00":"31-Jan-2005 
yes? set var/title="CO (CO) [mol/mol]_1 (from CO (CO) [mol/mol]  
ave(t=01-Jan-2005 00:00:00:31-Jan-2005 23:00:00))" anal0_
yes? go grid_change "/data/projects/MESSy1.1/eval19/mc/CO.mc" "1" "1" "anal0_"
 *** NOTE: unsupported ordering of axes in variable lon_002_001
 *** NOTE: The default ordering will be used
 *** NOTE: unsupported ordering of axes in variable lon_003_001
 *** NOTE: The default ordering will be used
 Cached data cleared from memory
yes? let analtmp1_ = CO_press[d=1]
yes? let anal1_ = analtmp1_[t="01-Jan-2004 00:00:00":"31-Jan-2004 
yes? set var/title="CO (CO) [mol/mol]_2 (from CO (CO) [mol/mol]  
ave(t=01-Jan-2004 00:00:00:31-Jan-2004 23:00:00))" anal1_
yes? go grid_change "/data/projects/MESSy1.1/eval19/mc/CO.mc" "2" "1" "anal1_"
 Cached data cleared from memory
yes? let var1_ = 
yes? let var2_ = 
yes? set 
yes? set 
yes? let data1_ = var1_
yes? let data2_ = var2_
yes? let diff_ = data1_ - data2_
yes? set win/size=0.5
yes? set win/asp=0.73828125
yes? GO "/tmp/lasgo271718884097.jnl"
 **ERROR: insufficient memory: 1527758848 words were requested.
CONTOUR/FILL/levels=30C/set diff_
Command file, command group, or REPEAT execution aborted

---- file: /tmp/lasgo271718884097.jnl
can view

    define view/x=0,1/y=0,1 vt
    define view/x=0,1/y=0,1 vb

set view vt

! Special hack for time series



! Support for <contour_levels>none</contour_levels>
! Must be overridden for overlay plots.

! NetCDF strides should be used only for XY views
! NetCDF strides should not be used for comparison.

    set mode graticule:(dash,thick=1)

    go preplot_setup
        fill/levels=30C/set diff_
    go postplot_setup
    palette light_centered
        ppl title,0.15,@AS @TRCO (CO) [mol/mol] @AS_ @TR1 (from CO (CO) 
[mol/mol] ave(t=01-Jan-2005<NL>00:00:00:31-Jan-2005 23:00:00)) (mol/mol) from 
eval19 pressure levels(1) <NL>-  @P2CO (CO) [mol/mol] @AS @AS_ @TR @TR2 (from 
CO (CO) [mol/mol] ave(t=01-Jan-2004<NL>00:00:00:31-Jan-2004 23:00:00)) 
(mol/mol) from eval19 pressure levels(2)
    go unlabel 4
    go unlabel 5
        ppl labs/nouser,($LABNUM_YEAR),0,`($ppl$ylen) 
+ .8`,-1,@AS($lab($LABNUM_YEAR))
    def symbol plotpos = `($ppl$ylen) + .6`
    def symbol index = 4
        ppl labs/nouser,($index),0,($plotpos),-1,@ASTime(1): ave(t=01-Jan-2005 
00:00:00:31-Jan-2005 23:00:00)   @P2Time(2): ave(t=01-Jan-2004 
00:00:00:31-Jan-2004 23:00:00)  
        def symbol plotpos = `($plotpos) - .2`
        def symbol index = `($index) + 1`

    ppl fill

	ppl %range 'PPL$ZMIN' 'PPL$ZMAX' 30

can mode graticule

! overlay the land mask

     go land thick overlay " " " "

go noaa_text 0 1.1

set view vb

    ppl origin ,.2

   ppl axlen ,2.7

-- end of Output

Thank you
Regards Bernhard Giner
Max Planck Institute for Chemistry
Department of Atmospheric Chemistry
Joh.-Joachim-Becher-Weg 27, D-55128 Mainz 
P.O. Box 3060, 55020 Mainz, Germany
Phone: (+49 6131) 305 - 449
Fax: (+49) (0)6131 305 - 436

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