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[las_users] OpenDAP Problem

Hi all,

I have a strange problem with LAS/OpenDAP
Our setting:
We have 2 Machines: airdata for external use and webmessy for internal use.
airdata works as a Proxy for webmessy where 2 LAS servers are running /las and 
las2. webmessy is not reachable from "outside" it stands behind our firewall.

So webmessy provides everything, internal and external. webmessy himself gets 
his data from a NFS Volume. 
nearly everything works as expected LAS LAS2 and LAS-FDS. Only LAS2-FDS 
doesn't respond.

In our intranet we use OpenDAP (e.g. with Ferret) without any problems via 
but if you try it from outside I get  
"** netCDF error: Invalid Argument
 is this a CDF file ?"

Our OpenDAP seems to work, but not from outside e.g. with Ferret.
If I put the same url like in ferret in my Browser everything seems to be OK, 
it looks the same as from inside.

I "tail -ed" access.log and error.log on both machines... nothing(!)

Do you have any hints for me what I can try out?

Unfortunately the servers are restricted at the moment so I can't provide a 
link. If You need more detailed informations please ask me.

Thanks in advance

Bernhard Giner
Max Planck Institute for Chemistry
Department of Atmospheric Chemistry
Joh.-Joachim-Becher-Weg 27, D-55128 Mainz 
P.O. Box 3060, 55020 Mainz, Germany
Phone: (+49 6131) 305 - 449
Fax: (+49) (0)6131 305 - 436

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