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[las_users] time axis of yearly averages


I would like to put yearly averages into my live access server. To get rid of the day and month menu I found the following in the mail archives:

One workaround is to set up LAS so that the time axis for the variable doesn't use time units. For instance:

<TIME type="t" units="foo">
<arange start="1895" step="1" size="100"/>

When you specify a time axis with the Arange element <arange ...> you
need to specify a month and day.

and a another way:

The way to get around this is to define the axis as if it were irregular
using the Velement <v>...</v> notation to create specific values for
your axis:

<your_data_TIME type="t" units="years">

But unfortunatly both ways are not working because LAS is taking L instead of time axis. Error in output window:

Illegal Limits
Sorry ...

**ERROR: illegal limits: "RA" is not in the range L=1950 in the range : to :
Axis extremes are L=1:500: and continue to :

Thanks for any ideas


Jörg Franke
University of Bremen
Department of Geosciences
PO Box 330440
D-28334 Bremen

E-mail: joerg.franke@palmod.uni-bremen.de
Phone: +49-421-218-7186

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