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[las_users] addXML.sh says 'no grids' on a THREDDS catalog

Hello LAS community,

I am trying to generate the LAS UI for the IPCC model output database. I'm running LAS and using the command:

addXML.sh -t http://esg.llnl.gov/metadata/pcmdi/ipcc/thredds/pcmdi.ipcc4.thredds

What I get is:

No grids were found in the input data sets.
Check to see if the OPeNDAP servers being referenced are running.
Verify that the netCDF files referenced are COARDS or CF compliant.

The catalog and filenames are visible without name/password, but the files themselves require authentication at server for download. What needs to be done to successfully generate the xml user interface for this catalog?

Velimir Mlaker

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