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Re: [las_users] LAS: custumizing interface for single time series

Hi Martin,

I looked at your site and see that you're having some success. It seems to me that only one of the three changes to ConstrainBean.java got applied, though I can't be sure. Would you mind sending me ConstrainBean.java and map/MapGenerator.java so I can compare them to my source?


Martin Schmidt wrote:
many thanks for the patches. I have changed the related files
and it seems to work. Some browsers still fall back to the "two-click" map interface, but now the first guess for the
co-ordinates is correct and pressing "Next" gives the expected

The map is still active and one could click to somewhere else.
In this case the co-ordinates are changed and "Next" generates
a Ferret error. I think, this is an error in my configuration file.

However, this is not serious, because every user should know, that changing co-ordinates to wrong values could give errors.
The reset button is well visible and nobody should leave the
server frustrated.
I will check also the browsers.xml file. I did not notice this


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