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[las_users] data for the 50000 years


I want to put data for 50000 years into the live access server. They are
10yr averages which makes 5000 timesteps. Now I am searching for a nice
way to adjust the "Select time" menu. My first idea was to devide "year"
by 10. Then I do not run into the problem of ferret that years are only
allowed to have 4 digits.
How can I change the "Select time" menu to show values 10, 20, 30, ...,
50000 but that the server than greps the data for year 1,2,3,...,5000?
How can I just show the year in the "Select time" menu without month and
day because I have yearly averaged data?
When I am writing:
<arange start="500" size="100" step="1"/>
instead of
<arange start="500-1-1" size="100" step="1"/>
the server is searching for l=500 instead of year=500

Thanks for any help.
Cheers - Jörg

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