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[las_users] LAS: custumizing interface for single time series

Hi all,
I have put a single time series on my LAS. Basically it works
but needs some streamlining. I would need some suggestions or help here.
I am using

Selecting dataset and variable, the server falls into the 
"two-click" map. The "interactive" map can be started, but there
is no reason to do this. This is a problem of netscape and the server,
but I must expect, that this happens for other users too.

Selecting some time slice and the output options now and clicking "next", 
results in an error message of ferret, that the selected 
horizontal co-ordinates are out of range compared with the 
co-ordinates in the dataset.

Ferret is correct, the reason is the "two-click" map, which
has initial integer values, which differ from the co-ordinates.

Hiting "Reset" helps, the  horizontal co-ordinates are set now
exactly to the stations position. However, nobody will do this
and some users will return without output.

I am sure, that several users will fall into this trap and I would
like to avoid this.

I tried to set up my own user interface. I defined a region,
which points to the station.  
 <menu type="regions" name="Regions_hix">
  <item values="-5.7,-5.7,-15.97,-15.97"> Region </item>
However, this is ignored by LAS
as long as the "two-click" map is active. Clicking at another
point in the map and using the region menue to return to
the station position, gives again the wrong initial integer

Clicking "go", when wrong co-ordinates are selected, gives
a lengthy list of java errors. 

All these errors can be reproduced with the windows explorer,
when the "two click" map is selected.

I tried to change std_initialize.jnl. This does not help,
because regions defined here are ignored. 

So my questions:
- How can I get a passive "two-click" map, which does not
accept any selections and points to the stations position?

- Is it possible to remove the livemap completely, but only
for this dataset. Instead a gif, which marks the station could
be there.

- My gif for the map has another aspect ratio then the world map.
Hence, half of the map area is black. Is there some place, 
where this can be configured? I tried to adjust the user interface.
(For another dataset, with the same map). The positions selected
with the mouse seem to be correct, but the half black figure looks 
 <image name="Image_hix" url="gifs/Atlantic.gif"    
The image was created as proposed at the LAS web pages.

The server is
St. Helena Island Climate Index (HIX) 1892-2006 is the
dataset with problems.

Many thanks in advance,
Martin Schmidt

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