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Re: [las_users] select view


I suspect this error is coming from the "two-click" map interface. Verify that in the axis definition for latitude that the range or values are specified in ascending order.

Is this LAS open to the public? If so, send me the URL and I can take a look at the details of the error message. If not, can you send me the XML definition for the dataset that fails? I can install that configuration here and try to duplicate the error.


Joerg Franke wrote:

everytime I change the "view" with the dropdown menu I recieve:
javax.servlet.ServletException: For input string: "-89,1"
or any other latitude coordinate which was set before.

If I press the "Back" bottom of my browser and change the region to a
suitable one for that view, it works again.
To select a region first is not possible because for some views you need
a point for others a line or rectange

Any suggestions what I could have done wrong?

Thanks for any help

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