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Re: [las_users] addXML.sh no time axis


The mere existence of a coordinate variable in the record dimension with the name "time" is not enough for the software to recognize it as the time dimension.  How the time data is encoded and the metadata associated with that variable determines if addXML can recognize the time dimension.

As a first step, sending the entire ncdump -h output would be helpful.  Better still would be if the file in question is available via an OPeNDAP server send the URL and I will run addXML under the debugger to see what's going on.  Finally, if neither of those options work and the file is not too big, send it directly to me and I'll take a look.


Joerg Franke wrote:

I try to create a data.xml with
/srv/www/las/bin/addXML.sh -n /srv/www/las/data/data.nc -x
/srv/www/las/xml/perl/template.xml/ data.xml
and recieve the message:
No time axis
No time axis
but when I do a ncdump on my data.nc the time axis looks correct in my eyes.

ncdump -h data.nc
netcdf data {
time = UNLIMITED ; // (50 currently)
zt = 19 ;
yt = 100 ;
xt = 100 ;

Thanks for any solution.

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