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Can not select a geographical area out of [-90:90;-180:180]

Dear LAS users,

Following my previous message posted on this list [java applet and data in metric coordinates], I investigated further and I have been able to get a correct ps file by typing the following command so I think that my data is correctly described in my xml file:

marspclx1@paul: [bin]$ ./lasget.pl -x 1437700W:998800W -y 1032900S:594000S -o /home/paul/output_working.ps -f ps http://marspclx1/las-bin/LASserver.pl noaa_20030623 band5

But I can not make the java applet working. It looks like that values for northings and eastings have to be comprised in [-90:90,-180:180] and that it is hardcoded in the applet.
What should I change to make it working ? Or would it be easier to change the code that is used with browsers without java enabled ?

Thanks in advance,

Best regards,
Paul Hasenohr

European Commission - Joint Research Centre
IPSC - Agriculture and Fisheries Unit
TP 266, 21020 ISPRA (VA), ITALY
Direct : +39 0332 78 62 22 - Fax : + 39 0 332 78 51 62
Web site: http://agrifish.jrc.it 

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