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java applet and data in metric coordinates

Dear LAS users,

I am currently assessing how a combination of OpenDAP freeform server + LAS could suit our needs for serving NOAA AVHRR data specifically processed for us (mainly the map projection is very unusual).
OpenDAP is working fine, so I try to access it via the LAS.
I described the dataset in a noaa.xml file included in las.xml.
I also created a custom ui xml file.
I copied these files at the end of my email.
My problem are
	1) when I reach the Constraints page, the java applet does not allow me to select an area. The values displayed for latitude are correct (from -2275900 to 2044900 m) but for longitude, it always remains blocked at 20E. I can not change this value in the text boxes and I can not draw anything in the java applet
	2) if I select the "no applet" version, I get an exception from tomcat.

Could you please give me some suggestions ?

Below are the characteristics (size) of the file I want to serve and my custom ui and las include xml files.

Best regards,

A]Coordinates of the data to be accessed via the LAS:

Pixel Size = (1100.00000000,-1100.00000000)
Corner Coordinates:
Upper Left  (-3246100.000, 2044900.000) ( 37d20'37.25"W, 59d 1'58.81"N)
Lower Left  (-3246100.000,-2275900.000) (  9d36'30.08"W, 25d26'30.95"N)
Upper Right ( 3367100.000, 2044900.000) ( 84d10'49.20"E, 58d18'10.33"N)
Lower Right ( 3367100.000,-2275900.000) ( 55d59'32.72"E, 25d 1'8.85"N)

B]noaa.xml (included in las.xml)
  name="noaa AVHRR"
  <institution name="EC-JRC-IPSC-AGRIFISH-MARSSTAT" url="http://agrifish.jrc.it"/>
  <band1 name="Band 1">
    <link match="/lasdata/grids/noaa_20030623_grid"/>
  <band2 name="Band 2">
    <link match="/lasdata/grids/noaa_20030623_grid"/>
  <band3 name="Band 3">
    <link match="/lasdata/grids/noaa_20030623_grid"/>
  <band4 name="Band 4">
    <link match="/lasdata/grids/noaa_20030623_grid"/>
  <band5 name="Band 5">
    <link match="/lasdata/grids/noaa_20030623_grid"/>
    <link match="/lasdata/axes/noaa_20030623_x"/>
    <link match="/lasdata/axes/noaa_20030623_y"/>
  <noaa_20030623_x type="x" units="metre">
    <arange start="-3246100.000" step="1100" size="6013"/>
  <noaa_20030623_y type="y" units="metre">
    <arange start="-2275900.000" step="1100" size="3929"/>

C]noaa_ui.xml (included in ui.xml)
  <!--<image name="Image_NOAA" url="gifs/java_0_world.gif"
  <image name="Image_NOAA" url="gifs/noaa_image_small.gif"
  <menu type="regions" name="NOAA_region">
    <!--<item values="-37.3305,84.167378,25.02578,59.03244">No regions available</item>-->
    <item values="-3246100,3367100,-2275900,2044900">No regions available</item>    
  <map type="livemap" name="NOAA_livemap">
    <image href="#Image_NOAA"/>
    <menu href="#NOAA_region"/>
  <default name="noaa_ui">
    <map href="#DefaultOperations"/>
    <map href="#DefaultViews"/>
    <map href="#NOAA_livemap"/>
    <map href="#DefaultOptions"/>

European Commission - Joint Research Centre
IPSC - Agriculture and Fisheries Unit
TP 266, 21020 ISPRA (VA), ITALY
Direct : +39 0332 78 62 22 - Fax : + 39 0 332 78 51 62
Web site: http://agrifish.jrc.it 

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