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Re: problem of nested <filter> tag in XML categories file

Hello Joe

I attached my configuration files and the categories file which includes
the nest of
filter tag between the 9th and the 12th line. I used gnu-tar and gzip to
archive them.

The las server which I'm customizing now is not available on the INTERNET
So if you need the netCDF data files, please let me know. I will put the
data in
a server which you can access via the INTERNET.

Thank you

Office of marine prediction, JMA

(See attached file: xml_jma.tar.gz)

> Hi Yukio,
> the user interface for LAS v6.2.0 will thow an exception when trying to
> an empty interface.  There may be a problem with the names of your data
> and variable.  Please send a copy of your data set configuration XML file
> las.xml if the configuration is included in that file) for the data set
> "JMA" and I will take a look.
> Thank you,
> Joe

Attachment: xml_jma.tar.gz
Description: Binary data

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