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Add an operation into LAS

Hi all ferret users
I'm trying to add an operation into my LAS site. This operation is mapped onto
a matlab program and returns a gif file.
As a first step, I added a new operation into las.xml file as below
<MooringPlotMatrix name="MooringPlotMatrix" class="LAS::Server::Ferret" method="MooringPlotMatrix"/>. After that I called "make" to refresh the sql database.
Then in the server/custom directory, I added a new function
sub MooringPlotMatrix {
my $self = shift;
my $props = $self->{props};

$self->genImage("/home/local/las/server/output/logo.gif"); # Generate the image
What I want to do is to return a gif file which is a constant file.
However , when I call LASserver.pl using a valid XML request through
netscape, I get an error like

adding an acceptable error string: "*** NOTE: ".
FERRET v5.53 Linux(g77) 2.4.x - 09/26/03
28-Nov-03 12:54
yes? cancel mode verify
yes? cancel mode interp
yes? canc data/all
yes? go std_initialize "/usr/local/ferret/go/mb1.nc" "1" "1" "wind_speed"
yes? go std_initialize "/usr/local/ferret/go/mb1.nc" "2" "1" "wind_direction"
yes? go std_initialize "/usr/local/ferret/go/mb1.nc" "3" "1" "sal_depth2"
yes? go std_initialize "/usr/local/ferret/go/mb1.nc" "4" "1" "temp_depth2"
yes? FRAME/FORMAT=gif/FILE="/home/local/las/server/output/logo.gif"
**ERROR: invalid command: No open workstations for batch FRAME command
And I found the logo.gif was renamed to logo.gif.~1~

Anybody can help me about this problem?
Thanks a lot.
Cheers, Ding

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