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nroppix project annouce

[sorry for possible multiple sending of this mail. But the first was sended from a non suscribed mailling list email addresse]

Hi all LAS developpers and installers

nroppix projet has started at sourcefoge:

one of its goal is to provide a secure way for hosting web servers.

nroppix will probably be able to boot any flavour of linux (redhat,
mandrake), but primary goals are knoppix (http://www.knopper.net) and
debian (http://www.debian.org)

This project is released under GPL licence.
Project sponsors are http://www.ifremer.fr and http://www.diateam.net

I will take a particular look for the abilty for nroppix client to be a
LAS server.
this will not be the default LAS package. It will need some little
rewriting to be stricly FHS compliant. (I've send a mail about that some
time ago)

I will work on this aspect of LAS FHS compliant rewriting a the
beginning of 2004.

Unfortunatly, and because ifremer doesnt have funds to pay me the trip,
I will not be at LAS meetting at AMS to discuss those developpement issues.


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