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Re: question about LAS user interface customization


Both of the options you described will work, but there is a third option to consider. Rather than check every time, just write a script that gets the valid data range and generates a static HTML page with the appropriate "quick look" buttons for the most recently available, day, week and month. Run this script as often as necessary in a cron.

This way the static page can have the quick look buttons, but you avoid the cost of calculating the valid range for each and every request.


Chi Ding wrote:

Hi there
I'm running a LAS site for time series mooring data at the URL
I'm using a static web page as the interface instead of using
LAS UI server as I don't think it can generate the interface I need.
As for the interface I'm using, whenever the user selects data set, variables
and time range and click "draw plot" button, all these information are
assembled into a XML request and sent to LASserver.pl.
It works fine but now I have a problem. The users want to have
quick buttons to select the latest day, week or month and plot the data
As I'm using a static web page, i.e, the valid time range of a dataset
is not reflected on the page, therefore the user has to select time range
without knowing whether it's valid. As a result, there is no way to determine
the time range for the latest day, week or month from the web page.
I'm wondering how to modify my site to support this ability without using
LAS UI server.
One option is instead of calling LASserver.pl when the user clicks "draw plot",
we call another server side script which parses las.xml and get the time range of the
dataset, calculate the time range the user selected, then call LASserver.pl from the script.
Another option is to modify my web page to make it more dynamic, i.e, whenever
the user selects a dataset through the web page, the client side program calls a server side
script to get the time range of the dataset and save it locally into cookies or hidden form
something, then when the user decides to draw plot of latest day/week/month, the client
side program calculates the time range and submit the request to the LASserver.pl.
The question for me is to decide which side calculates the user selected time range and
calls LASserver.pl, client side or server side?
I'd like to listen to your suggestions.
Cheers, Ding

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