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LAS events during AMS

Greetings LAS users,

The AMS annual meeting this winter is going to be in Seattle from January 11-15.  We know many of you will be there and we would like to take this opportunity to meet with you.  Please have a look at the following two opportunities and get back to us if you are interested in either one.

1) The Tuesday afternoon session of the IIPS will feature several talks on LAS or related systems and we hope that many of you will be in attendance.  We would like to invite anyone who has installed or is interested in LAS to join us for a group dinner Tuesday evening, January 13.  Please RSVP by November, 26 and we will try to arrange a room at a nearby restaurant where we can all meet and share LAS insights and war stories along with a nice dinner.

2) For those that have spent significant time working with the LAS code and wish to have a voice in future code design you are invited to participate in the developers' meeting at PMEL on Friday, January 16.  This meeting is intended for those who have a serious commitment to LAS and wish to participate in the planning, development and testing of future releases.

Again, an RSVP is essential for us to successfully prepare for either of these.

Looking forward to seeing you!

-- Steve, Jon, Joe, Roland, Kevin and Ansley

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