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Re: [Fwd: How to customize the ascii output format?]

Hi Ding,

It looks like you understand what is needed.  To save a step, and instead of creating a
temporary file with std_list.jnl type script, you could look at the insitu custom.pl subroutine
called insitu_data.  This subroutine uses the data already stored in the Perl
LAS::Server::Ferret object (i.e. $self->{props}->{x_lo}) and prints formatted text to an output
file which LAS wraps up in html and throws back to the browser.  You can tweak the format right
in the subroutine or name a new subroutine and add it as a custom operation.


Chi Ding wrote:

> Hi Joe
>      Thanks a lot for your information.
>      I guess I know how to do it now. What I'm doing and going to do is
> to add a customized operation, say MooringData, into my las.xml file.
> Then I modified my
> custom.pl file, add a function MooringData. In the function MooringData,
> it will call
> a ferret script first, MooringData.jnl, which is basically a simplified
> version of std_list.jnl,
> to get the ascii data and save them into a temperary file. Then, the
> perl program will trim
> the ascii file and return the output I need.  In the meantime, my LAS
> web page is modified
> to call the MooringData operation.
>      Does this sound correct?
>      Thanks a lot, Ding
> Joe McLean wrote:
> >Information offline was requested, the thread is paralled on the Ferret Users list (info at
> >http://ferret.wrc.noaa.gov/Ferret/Mail_Archives/ferret_mail_archives.html).
> >
> >Joe McLean wrote:
> >
> >
> >

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