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Re: * * * Announcing LAS version 6.2 * * *


The definition of categories now needs to be part of the las.xml file.  Here's an example from our NVODS server that includes several different category.xml files:

<!ENTITY institute  SYSTEM "Institution_cat.xml">
<!ENTITY dataset    SYSTEM "Dataset_cat.xml">
<!ENTITY temporal   SYSTEM "Temporal_cat.xml">
<!ENTITY discipline SYSTEM "Discipline_cat.xml">
<!ENTITY source     SYSTEM "Source_cat.xml">






The individual files like "Dataset_cat.xml" just list the categories:

<category name="by Dataset Name">
  <category name="DAO 4D AMM One Layer Diagnostic Data" doc="http://daac.gsfc.nasa.gov/CAMPAIGN_DOCS/FTP_SITE/INT_DIS/readmes/assim54A_mo_subset.html#200">
   <filter action="" equals="DAO 4D AMM One Layer Diagnostic Data"/>

-- Jon

yingshuo shen wrote:
   thanks for your info... i am wondering how to add category in this new version..  can you give me an example file ?  it used to be like ../xml/perl/genLas.pl -c category.xml las.xml  now ... this has been changed...  if you can give me some examples (as where to put category).. that will be helpful
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Sent: Monday, October 20, 2003 1:29 PM
Subject: * * * Announcing LAS version 6.2 * * *

* * * Announcing LAS version 6.2 * * *

Version 6.2 of the Live Access Server is now available from the LAS downloads page.


Please try out this new release and contact us with any problems you encounter.

We would also like to take this opportunity to let you know that Joe Sirott, chief architect and developer of LAS for the last few years, has left the TMAP group to pursue other opportunities.  Joe's skills and effort have played a huge role in making LAS into what it is today and future developments will no doubt benefit from the flexible and robust base of code he has left us with.  Thanks, Joe.  We hope that his current and future projects turn out equally well.

Jon Callahan
Joe Mclean
Roland Schweitzer
Kevin O'Brien
Ansley Manke
Steve Hankin

What's new in release 6.2?
(Detailed release notes on line and in the tar ball.)

New features

Linking into LAS:
 - URL access to LAS Constraints page using dataset & variable names
 - permanent link to plot/data on output page

 - category filters can filter on tag names
 - sister servers use category information when presenting data

User Interface Customization:
 - LAS installers can now create custom Velocity template sections
 - new (textfield) constraint type allows users to type in text
 - new attributes for constraint tag (size, label, style, multiselect, required)
 - new (size) attribute for menu tag of type constraint
 - new (extra) child tag of type constraint for informational text

 - search engine compatibility
 - new operations to return information about LAS (getVersion, getConfig, getPackage)
 - new configuration properties to allow/prevent sister server access
 - new (use_cache) property enables/disables caching on a per dataset/variable basis
 - better OPeNDAP configuration support when using OPeNDAP 3.4 and Ferret 5.53

You may download LAS from the following page


Updated installation and configuration documentation is available at:


For a list of systems on which the server has been tested, please see:


Source code for LAS (java, Perl and JavaScript) is included in the download tarball. The latest snapshot of LAS is also always available via anonymous cvs (see the installation documentation for more info).

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