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Re: "Select region" with and without the java applet


Please let us know which version of Netscape and IE you are using and what version of Java or any Java plug ins are installed. We also need to know which version of LAS you have installed so that we can try to reproduce the error here.

Have any others out there seen this behavior? If so, what browser/java versions exhibit this problem?


-- Jon

Tony Jolibois wrote:

Dear all,

On my computer, there are some differences when I use the java applet or not : when I use it, the menu "Select region" doesn't work, I mean I select a region, and nothing change in the text field (long, lat). If I don't use it, it works...
I know also that on other computer, it always works. I think the difference comes from the version of java which is installed on the computer (Netscape usually works fine with java, and it is confirmed with this detail, and for IE it depends).

Any idea ?

Regards, Tony

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