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Re: region is too small

Hi Enils,

What is the complete text of the error code?
This might be an error generated by Ferret or LAS custom code.
If this is using the insitu custom code, I would like to look at the debug
files (possible mysql_request.txt and GenericLAS_debug.txt) in your server/log/
directory after you get the error.


Enils Bashi wrote:

> Dear LAS users,
> When you choose a fairly small region with las you get a messaged saying:
> Region is too small ....
> What happens if thats all you are interested in. In other words you are
> interested in a small region. Is there a place where some modifications can
> be made to the code to be able to select smaller regions. I am not talking
> about a minuscule region but a rubber band box of 1x1 degrees.
> Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated,
> Enils Bashi
> Programmer - Chesapeake Bay Program
> Veridyne Incorporated
> Annapolis, Maryland: (410) 267-9833
> www.chesapeakebay.net

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