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Re: LAS proxy security issue


Your suggestion to use $ENV(PROXY_NAME) and $ENV(PROXY_PORT) is well taken. We may need to add another configuration file for items like this that need to be coordinated with changes in the Apache httpd.conf file. I will suggest that we work out these details on a separate CVS branch for 'secure' LAS installations. After working out the bugs on that branch we can see how much of that functionality should be merged back in to the main trunk.

We'll get that CVS branch going whenever you're ready.

-- Jon

But i think There *also* a las code modification to do:
in las/server/LAS/Server.pm
"http://"; . $ENV{SERVER_NAME} . ":" . $ENV{SERVER_PORT} .
$loc . basename($_) } @{$files};
should changed to
"http://"; . $ENV{PROXY_NAME} . ":" . $ENV{PROXY_PORT} .
$loc . basename($_) } @{$files};
with PROXY_NAME and PROXY_PORT set to www.ifremer.fr in the file ... Witch file ???

Because html automatic genetation make output html pages whith
<img border="0" src="http://wlas.ifremer.fr/las-output/17cf567e2f4772d596f3ef40b8318d21.gif";>

and wlas is *behind* the firewall, and you can't see the nice output gif....

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