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insitu longitude conversions

Dear LAS users,

I would like to know where the longitude conversion is done in the
insitu/las/ferret files. When my x (lon) is negative is converted to
positive with the equivalent value from 0-360degrees. To better understand
what I am talking about please take a look at the output from

Region: -76.5 -75.15 x
Region: 37.5 38.6 y
Region: 01-Apr-2003 01-Apr-2003 t
ferret prop: x_lo = 283.5
ferret prop array: dataset_name = (mydb/bishopville)
ferret prop: y_lo = 37.5
ferret prop array: jnl_t = (01-Apr-2003,01-Apr-2003)
ferret prop: size = .5
ferret prop: script_prefix = cbay_
ferret prop: refmap_xlo = 283.5
ferret prop: view = xy
ferret prop array: jnl_x = (283.5,284.85)
ferret prop: refmap_ylo = 37.5
ferret prop: fill_type = fill
ferret prop: refmap_yhi = 38.6
ferret prop: t_lo = 01-Apr-2003
ferret prop: y_hi = 38.6
ferret prop array: jnl_z = ()
ferret prop: refmap_xhi = 284.85
ferret prop: variable_name_0 = temp
ferret prop: format = shade
ferret prop: t_hi = 01-Apr-2003
ferret prop: rank = 2
ferret prop array: variable_name = (temp)
ferret prop array: jnl_y = (37.5,38.6)
ferret prop: x_hi = 284.85

As result the following query does not return anything since, there are no x
that meet that criteria in the MySQL database.

--- Calling: LAS::Server::Ferret::preExecuteHook
Creating new TMAP::DBI::Dataset
getExternalData: calling getData
getExternalData: data read/write error: TMAP::DBI::Dataset : No data was
returned with the query:
SELECT t,temp,x,y,z
FROM bishopville
WHERE x >= 283.5 AND x <= 284.85 AND (y>=37.5 AND y<=38.6) AND (z>=0 AND
z<=0) AND (t>=20030401000000 AND t<=20030401000000)

Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Enils Bashi
Programmer - Chesapeake Bay Program
Veridyne Incorporated
Annapolis, Maryland: (410) 267-9833

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