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Re: las map servlet, ui.xml

At first glance, both files look okay to me.  With what resolution of which
graphs are you having a problem?  Did you include the following lines in the
data configuration  XML file?


Enils Bashi wrote:

> Dear las users,
> I replaced the world image on las with a Chesapeake Bay Area gif image
> created with ferret. I also made some changes to ui.xml but I dont like the
> resolution of the graphs.The reason for changing the map was that I want to
> display Chesapeake Bay Area data. I was not quite sure whether Im editing
> ui.xml right. Attached please find ui.xml and ui_cbay.xml.
> Can anyone who has done this sort of thing before give me some hints?
> Enils Bashi
> Programmer - Chesapeake Bay Program
> Veridyne Incorporated
> Annapolis, Maryland: (410) 267-9833
> www.chesapeakebay.net
>  <<ui.xml>>  <<ui_cbay.xml>>
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>              Name: ui.xml
>    ui.xml    Type: XML Document (text/xml)
>          Encoding: quoted-printable
>                   Name: ui_cbay.xml
>    ui_cbay.xml    Type: XML Document (text/xml)
>               Encoding: quoted-printable

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