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Re: problem generating an xml file for a dataset


Please refer to the following FAQ for details on ingesting gridded data:


The COARDS convention requires that each dimension have a coordinate variable of the same name.  You can see this by doing a ncdump -h of the coads_climatology dataset released with Ferret:

        COADSX = 180 ;
        COADSY = 90 ;
        TIME = UNLIMITED ; // (12 currently)
        double COADSX(COADSX) ;
                COADSX:units = "degrees_east" ;
                COADSX:modulo = " " ;
                COADSX:point_spacing = "even" ;
        double COADSY(COADSY) ;
                COADSY:units = "degrees_north" ;
                COADSY:point_spacing = "even" ;
        double TIME(TIME) ;
                TIME:units = "hour since 0000-01-01 00:00:00" ;
                TIME:time_origin = "1-JAN-0000 00:00:00" ;
                TIME:modulo = " " ;

Your dataset is apparently not following this convention.

-- Jon

Enils Bashi wrote:
Hi all,

I am  trying to generate an xml for a dataset to include it in the las.xml
file. Here is whats going on:

[root@nutria perl]# ./addXml.pl --out_inc template.xml quoddyfemfore.xml
**File: /usr/local/ferret/fer_dsets/data/quoddyfemfore.nc
Dimension node doesn't have a coordinate variable at ./addXml.pl line 93

My guess about this problem is that addXml was written for .cdf files not
.nc files, since the code makes no reference to .nc files.  
Is there any workaround to this problem?
Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Enils Bashi
Programmer - Chesapeake Bay Program
Veridyne Incorporated
Annapolis, Maryland: (410) 267-9833


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