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Re: Error when dataset has only one date


I was able to duplicate the error when using the LAS at http://las.mersea.eu.org but not when configuring the LAS xml on my own test servers (both v6.1 and v6.2beta).  Still trying to track it down.  Next week, we'll have more info.


Tony Jolibois wrote:

Dear all,

I have a problem with my LAS6.1 : when a dataset has only one date for the time dimension, in the interface of the LAS, you have no choice for the time, which is normal.
But, it seems that the LAS doesn't take the date configured for this dataset. It takes the last date I choose before for another dataset.

Example, form the LAS http://las.mersea.eu.org  :
I have an analysis from TOPAZ model (06-aug-2003)
Datasets > ATLANTIC > TOPAZ > TOPAZ Analysis (at bulletin date) > analysis 20030806, with this configuration for the time :

 <c1_topaz_to_20030806_time units="secs" type="t">
  <v>2003-Aug-06 00:00:00

When I select this dataset, no choice for the time, when I request a plot, the LAS says :

"Illegal Limits
Sorry ... 
There are no data available at 16-AUG-2003 00:00 
The data begin at 05-AUG-2003 23:59 and continue to 06-AUG-2003 00:00"

The 16-aug-2003 is the last date I selected for the "best estimate time serie" !
If I return to this dataset "best estimate", I select the 06-aug-2003, and if I come back to the analysis of 06-aug-2003, it works.

Another thing, if I configure 2 dates for the 20030806 analysis, there is a choice for the time, if I choose 06-Aug-2003, it works. But, the other date is not good.

An idea for this ?


Tony Jolibois
CLS, Direction Océanographie Spatiale 
Département Produits et Services 

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