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Problem Intalling LAS on RedHat 9

Hi everyone,

I am trying to install LAS on RedHat 9, Pentium 4. I have installed
everything that LAS requires, and I am having a problem when I run configure

[ ~/lasxml]$ ./configure 
Searching for perl...
Location of perl executable [/usr/bin/perl]: 

Starting Perl configuration script...
Searching for required Perl modules...
This script should be run from the super user account. However, most of the 
configuration can be completed as a non-privileged user; if you want, the
script will print out the tasks that have to be completed as super user once
the configuration is complete.
Do you want to continue? [yes] yes

Location of ferret executable: [/home/ebashi/ferret/bin/ferret] 
Verifying Ferret version. This might take a few minutes...

/home/ebashi/ferret/bin/ferret is not the Ferret program

Location of ferret executable: [/home/ebashi/ferret/bin/ferret] 


I know that is the correct path to ferret executable, because, when I run it
this is what I get:

$ /home/ebashi/ferret/bin/ferret
        FERRET v5.51  
        Linux 2.4.3-12smp - 03/05/03
        28-Aug-03 13:19     



What's going on here???
Note: I do get the same result as above when I run it in super user mode.

Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated...

Enils Bashi
Veridyne Incorporated
Annapolis: (410) 267-9833
ebashi@chesapeakebay.net <mailto:'ebashi@chesapeakebay.net'>

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