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Re: Problem with "STRIDE_ISTART"

Tony and all,

In order to view the OPeNDAP aqggregation server catalog, use the following URL in your browser:


Tony Jolibois wrote:

 Hi Joe,

Thanks a lot, the OPeNDAP catalog is changed, and it works now.
It's very good to have an external person which can see the configuration !

Best regards, Tony

At 10:56 25/08/2003 -0700, you wrote:

Hi Tony,

I tracked down a problem with the OPeNDAP Aggregation Server catalog XML file which serves this data.
lines 1877 and 1879 contain repeated coord values (and files).

<fileAccess urlPath="mercator_psy2v1_mersea_grid1o8_nat_b20030813_f200308200000.nc" coord="2003/08/20:00:00:00 GMT" />
<fileAccess urlPath="mercator_psy2v1_mersea_grid1o8_nat_b20030813_f200308200000.nc" coord="2003/08/20:00:00:00 GMT" />

This causes Ferret (the LAS back end) to disregard the time axis (as it is not monotonic) and create a dummy time axis with no coordinate values.
The GenericLAS_debug.txt shows the Ferret generated NOTE:

 *** NOTE: Coordinates out of order or missing on axis time at subscript 82
 *** NOTE: A dummy axis of subscripts will be used

When the region is set with coordinate values for the T-axis,
i.e.  set region/x="-28.0":"-4.0"/y="28.0":"56.0"/z="5":"5"/t="08-Jun-2003":"08-Jun-2003",
Ferret does not read or report the axes correctly.  The Ferret team is now working on a solution for this.

Hopefully you have access to the OPenDAP Agg Server Catalog XML file and can make the necessary changes.

Tony Jolibois wrote:

 Hi Joe,

Thanks for response.
I send you the two files you requested.
I have this problem on the LAS MERSEA, you can go and see it if you want (need).
http://las.mersea.eu.org login/passwd : mersea1/dnarts
Three datasets are concerned : Datasets > MEDITERRANEE > MEDATLAS Climatology, Datasets > MEDITERRANEE > MERCATOR > Mercator long term best estimate time serie, Datasets > ATLANTIC > MERCATOR > Mercator long term best estimate time serie.
It's confusing, because the two "Best estimate" from MERCATOR have common points, but the other is very different...

Regards, Tony

At 11:07 22/08/2003 -0700, you wrote:

Hi Tony,

Can you send me the text of /tmp/lasgo269525557526.jnl and the text of
$lasroot/las/server/log/GenericLAS_debug.txt immediately after receiving this error.
I'm not sure what's going on just yet.


Tony Jolibois wrote:

Dear Las users,

I met a problem with my LAS6.1 : for 2 specific datasets, the LAS return an error that I don't understand :

yes? GO "/tmp/lasgo269525557526.jnl"
**ERROR: variable unknown or not in data set: STRIDE_ISTART
IF `STRIDE_iincr LE 1` THEN Command file, command group, or REPEAT execution aborted

If someone has an idea, it is welcome.

Thanks in advance,

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