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Re: customization of "Output options"


When I try your server I am able to do interpolation.  When I request a date that lies in between two dates listed I see my typed in date in the output plot labels.  One thing to note:  The options are only applied when you make a request from the Output Options page.  If you then return to the constraints page, modify the region and make a request from the Constriaints page the LAS request sent by the User Interface will not contain the options you specified earlier.  You have to go back to the Output Options page and make your request from there.

If this is counter intuitive we would welcome some input from LAS installers and users on the subject.  We opted for this solution because different options may be available with different datasets/variables/products.  It is not obvious under what circumstances to retain option information when the user switches among these.

If you would like to enable interpolation all the time, you can add


to your .xml at the dataset or server level.  In deference to those concerned about unintended data manipulations, interpolation is off by default.

Let me know if this doesn't answer your question.

-- Jon

Tony Jolibois wrote:
            Dear all,

I have changed in my LAS 6.1 some item of  menu of "Output options" : I have deleted the "Default" choice in all menu, because we think here that it is not explicit, and I have deleted some palette (rnb is the same as rainbow...) etc, you can see it on the las http://las.aviso.oceanobs.com.
All work fine except the option "Interpolate data". Now, when I go to "Output options", there is no interpolation, even if I put "Yes" in the menu Interpolate data. The interpolation is done only when I don't go to "Output option".

If someone has an idea about it, contact me.

Thanks in advance,

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