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Re: other visualization packages - IDL/Matlab

Hi Katherine,

I don't know if that there is a mail archive bug or what, but the url in the
message was good, the link it represented was bad.  You can find the same
information at

and scroll down to "Example: adding a new visualization program"

This will give you a start.  As you progress, please feel free to ask any

I believe there are Live Access Servers with IDL back ends, but I don't know
of any "How-to" documents specifically related to installing one.  The LAS
community would benefit from, and we would greatly appreciate any instruction,
comments, and problems that you can record as you do tackle this.  If you want
to put together a "How-to" as you do it, that would be great too.

Good Luck,


"K. A. Bouton" wrote:

> In searching the archives I saw a response to this
> http://ferret.pmel.noaa.gov/Ferret/LAS/Mail_Archives/fu_2002/msg00066.html
> however the link no longer works - and I could not find any mention of how
> to add new visualization packages to LAS.
> We are looking to use IDL - anything written on how we might do this?
> thanks
> Katherine
> Centre for Global Atmospheric Modelling
> UK

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