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RE: Question about time series data

Hello Ding,

We have also added mooring data to LAS.  We define a 0-dimensional lat/lon in the netcdf file as the location of the buoy.  This information is used by LAS and appears in the output - useful information I think.  I have modified the LAS 5 interface quite a bit to serve up our mooring data: http://dods.mbari.org/lasOASIS.  


Mike McCann (mccann@mbari.org)
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
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Moss Landing, CA 95039-9644
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> From: Chi [mailto:chi@cs.dal.ca] 
> Sent: Tuesday, July 22, 2003 10:32 AM
> To: las_users@ferret.wrc.noaa.gov
> Subject: Question about time series data
> Hi dear LAS users
>    I have some time series data collected from buoys. The one 
> I'm trying to 
> add into LAS is only one dimensional , i.e. time dimension. 
> It has variables like salinity and temperature. I created 
> coards netcdf files upon the raw data , then used "addXML.pl" 
> and "make" to update LAS. 
>     Here is my question. Do I have to define the variable, 
> say "salinity", with longitude and latitude dimensions 
> in the coards netcdf file? Initially, I just defined one 
> dimension "time_series" in my netcdf file, and "salinity" has 
> only this dimension, however when I ran "addXML.pl", I got an 
> error saying 
> "salinity" missed lon/lat, therefore I modified my netcdf 
> file, added lon/lat and successfully 
> ran the "addXML.pl" command. But I'm still wondering is this 
> necessary? Since the raw data doesn't contain any lon/lat 
> information, it's a bit awful to add  the fake lon/lat into 
> the netcdf file.
>    Thanks a lot , Ding

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