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addGDS.pl and ls-gds.pl: Perl scripts for configuring GDS-LAS

Hi all,

I have been asked to make an official announcement, so here it is:

Two Perl utility scripts for GDS are available at the following location:


ls-gds.pl - a simple equivalent of the 'ls' command, for listing the contents of a remote GDS server
addGDS.pl - uses the ls-gds.pl script to generate XML descriptions of the contents of a GDS, appropriate for inclusion in a Live Access Server configuration file (the equivalent of the LAS addXML.pl script, except that it adds a whole server at a time)

These scripts should be considered "alpha" code. Any update will be posted in the same FTP directory with a new datestamp.

How to use ls-gds.pl:
Just make sure the curl utility is in your path. The script contains a description of its command line options. Several types of output are available - dataset names, complete URLs, and short dataset descriptions.

How to use addGDS.pl:
Put both addGDS.pl and ls-gds.pl in the server/ directory of your LAS installation. Make sure the curl utility is in your path. The output is put in a separate XML file, which you should include in your las.xml. To do this, add the following line:
<!ENTITY gds SYSTEM "gds-datasets.xml">
at the top of las.xml, after this line:
<!DOCTYPE spec SYSTEM "spec.dtd" [
Then after the <lasdata> tag, add this:

I've only tested addGDS.pl against LAS 6.0. However, as long as the calling syntax for xml/perl/addXML.pl is the same, I would expect it to work on other versions.

- Joe

Joe Wielgosz / joew@cola.iges.org
Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies (COLA)
Institute for Global Environment and Society (IGES)

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