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data stored on a no-regular lat/lon grid

Dear all,

I face a problem I guess some other people have encountered but I can't
get an answer through the mailing list archive :

I'm trying to serve regional SST data through LAS : these data are
stored on a 1024x1024 grid (netCDF format) but this grid isn't a lat/lon
regular grid since data are mapped on a stereographic grid; this means
that 2D latitude/longitude arrays are stored within the file. 
How can LAS/Ferret handle this dataset for the data to be plotted in the
same projection (regular lat/lon grid) like other regular datasets (so
that I can then easily compare my SST with any  'rectangular' datasets
such as the Reynolds climatology, etc...)? 

I know how to plot such a stereographic dataset to a rectangular
geographic map with IDL or Matlab, but since I'm not very familiar with
LAS/Ferret, I wonder if there is some way to manage this easily.


Jean-Francois PIOLLE
CERSAT  French ERS Processing and Archiving Facility
29280 Plouzane

Tel.:  (+33) 2 98 22 46 91   email: jfpiolle@ifremer.fr
Fax:   (+33) 2 98 22 45 33   WWW:   http://www.ifremer.fr/cersat       


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